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Adelaide Eye Care has been selected as Preferred Optical Suppliers to Medibank members, and to members of AHM, a Medibank subsidiary.  This is through an agreement with the VSP Neighbourhood Eyecare network, a not-for-profit organisation involved in optical insurance and other services.


Now that we are a preferred provider for Medibank you will receive the same quality of care, with better value for you, and a better use of your health fund benefits.  This gives you your choice of optometrist, with great value for money.

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20% off Spectacles

You will receive 20% off the normal price of spectacle frames and spectacles lenses.


Now that fashion frame you had your heart set on or those enhanced lenses are within reach! Quality spectacles and prescription sunglasses at a great price.

15% off Contact Lenses

While our normal prices for contact lenses are very competitive, we are happy to offer you 15% off disposable and non-disposable contact lenses.


Contact lenses can now be a great option to supplement your spectacle wear.

No Gap Spectacles

For no out-of-pocket fee, if you are after simple lenses and frames, we have ranges of No Gap spectacles, including single vision, bifocal and multifocals.


All lenses have UV protection built in!


Want enhanced lenses? We have easy to understand co-payment for improved lens materials and treatments.

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